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APRIL 2010: After a prolonged hiatus, this site will gradually become up to date again, but for now when you see 'last year' it probably refers to 2003/4.

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with a video of building Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.


A slightly misheard lyric


Pickled Pizza is someone who was around b3ta a lot in the early days but not so much now.
This is a music mix he did last year set to the wonderful video for the song 'Late At Night' by Futureshock.


Also m3tatweening is 1 year old today! It's a year since Phase 1 was first released to the world!
EDIT: The above was written in 2004! Now see full 720p Phase 3&4 below.

M3tatweening Phase 3 & 4 combined HQ version (B3ta stream of consciousness) from Fnordinary on Vimeo.

M3tatweening - Animation by people who didn't know what each other was up to.

Click here for web friendly versions of the new 25 minute Phase 3&4 (made at full PAL size).

to see all the latest download links and see if you can watch all 4 Phases in one sitting
without going insane.
As a taster, watch phase 3 on it's own (quicktime).


Catch up on some of my recent videos/pictures/music etc. on my new Bloggy bit


It all started when domokun met this rabbit...

Remastered HQ version above. Original version below
Domo Darko Music Video (Realplayer version)
Or download 8mb DivX avi version here
You can get the required codec here if necessary.
Music: Mad World (remix version) by Gary Jules from the Donnie Darko Soundtrack
Video: NHK Satellite Television idents featuring Domo kun


Where Do You Go To Amelie? - Footage from Amelie cut to music.

Click to view streaming flashvideo.


A late night complaint gets absorbed into the world of B3ta - Daisy Cutter The Flash Musical.


Click for 'Badger Badger (Mushroom Mushroom)' - An improvised B3tan remix
(embedded quicktime)


Brian was still buzzing from the night before in The Flight Of The Drunken Bee.


Welcome To Hawaii
- Hula music from Space Ghost's Brak with a Hula Dancer.


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Daffy Duck adds his own peculiar style to 'Stay' by Sash.
Click here for a 1.6MB mp3


For those long tube journeys a good book is an absolute necessity.
Click for the video (1.85 MB divx avi).


Filmed on location in New York:

Realplayer format

Also some nice photos I took while I was over there.


Shock news from NASA: Cats make hurricanes
click for full version


Breakdancing Bunny


Just playing around in flash a bit,


Chaz & Dave sing along to a
population explosion.


A bizzare children's toy at the beach.

It's musical too


Staying Alive sifaka style.


Corned Beef - the food of Kings.


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